Rescue Journal

guardians of the grey furred galaxy

Carol  ·  May 31, 2016

laddie decided not to eat he decided to eat to the store for a new roast chicken for laddie in case he decides to eat again tomorrow.
erin gave him a bath..i heard her apologising to him beforehand. but his coat really was filthy dirty and he is feeling much better than he was last week so today was a good day for a bath.

rusty has settled in well..there is no doubt he is at his most content when i go and lay on the bed with him...this also includes elvis who is a super freak as far as having human company is concerned. add in little buddy my most determined velcro'd buddy and the three of them are super glued amigos whenever they can trap and contain (me) their very best but somewhat elusive friend.

eddie is being a good sport about boringly sitting in an xpen. he really is a darling and sweet little dog..three months of healing to him will seem like an eternity.

i took pepper potts into the vet this morning..i couldn't decide if she was coughing or retching but she was doing it over and over and bringing up naught except white foamy slime. the vet thinks she has kennel cough which is somewhat of a surprise but not really a surprise because we knew elvis had been exposed to it in his shelter before he arrived. the only reason i am somewhat surprised is because elvis is not coughing (which is a very good thing) but i guess he was still carrying the virus with him.
i know kennel cough freaks out a lot of the shelters but i don't worry about it too much. i accept that it is a hazard in sheltering homeless animals and if they get it and once they recover, i find they are generally immune to further exposures down the road. plus thus far the few times it has showed up here, it never ran thru the whole shelter...only two or three of the newer dogs ever seem to get it at any given time.
anyway..apparently there is now a free test for kennel cough if dogs meet certain criteria for the study. pepper met the criteria so the test was sent off...and we will see if she actually does have kennel cough or just irritated her throat while chewing up a bunch of my stuff. which i must say would serve her right!

i am trying to deal with a relatively new feeling of feeling disheartened in life. rescue itself lends itself to disappointment..empty promises, acts of betrayals, thoughtless see it all the time in animal and human lives. i am not sure why it is bothering me more now.
i think maybe it has to do with my recent preoccupation in looking towards the future instead of just getting thru one day at a time.
but i am reaching the age now where i feel like the clock is ticking and i am running out of time.
there is still so much to do to ensure more respectful and compassionate options for senior and special needs animals that don't fit in the traditional systems....we need more people.

getting to where we need to go is going to take an army of senior dedicated warriors...
where does one find an army of guardians for our grey furred galaxy? does anyone know? the future is coming and we need more.



My daughter's dog had kennel cough last week as well and is now over it. Apparently it's rampant in the Fraser Valley right now.