Rescue Journal

good news, bad news

Carol  ·  Jun. 2, 2016

good news...
jada is off on an adoption trial
miley will probably be leaving this weekend for her new home.
beverly's tumor pathology came back..non malignant...yay!!!
laddie ate well today.
eddie is recovering well from his spinal surgery and now has full bladder and bowel control...yay!

heads up news... use caution going in and out of the shop
stray dog in the shop..we think it is the one who attacked that little goat last week. folks need to keep their dogs (esp. ones with prey drive) safely contained at home. anyway he is safe in the shop for now, won't be hit by a car, killed by coyotes, lost in the bush...and the local farm animals are safe tonight too.
sweet dog..we will call animal control in the morning to come and collect him until his owners are found.

the bad news...
sweet little rusty had his vet check...very end stage renal disease plus from his blood work results...looks like he may have cancer. he is too old to be goofing around looking for stuff that we are not going to fix so he has been moved to our symptom control/comfort measures/palliative care list. he is such a sweet little glad i decided to let him hang out and sleep on my bed so he doesn't feel like a homeless palliative dog.



Awesome news for Jada and Miley........both such nice dogs that will totally blossom with homes of their own that love them :-)


I would be happy to give lots of love and spoiling to anyone on your "symptom control/comfort measures/palliative care list". Let me know if there is anything I can do to help make these guys have a comfortable and love filled ending!