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happy day!

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2016

the damn grass has been driving me insane...i have a little bit of new seed sprouting on the far side of the front yard and if i can keep it watered every evening, maybe it will continue to grow and spread into the bald spots?

but the section for cheyenne was an irrepairable disaster because she needs to be able to go out there and drag herself around to do her business so i couldn't fence her off it for weeks.
i can't put down gravel because it will tear apart her skin so day after day depending on the weather, she dragged herself thru rocks, dirt, mud, dying esthetically it looked absolutely terrible. the whole thing seemed unsolvable and was truly upsetting.

we had a company come out to quote us for artificial turf for the front yard but $8500 was far beyond our means.

one of our staff found a craigslist ad and it looked like their prices might be cheaper, so i asked them to come out for a quote and they came yesterday.
they quoted $4200 for the entire front yard...a much more fair price but still out of our means. we are sucking on fumes right now trying to keep our heads above water. we have had A LOT of huge vet bills this year.

so sadly we had to decline what was going to be the answer to my worries.

i put my money where my grass complaining mouth is...hit up my personal line of credit and worked a deal....cheyenne's part of the yard only for half of the quoted cost.

they came this morning..ripped out the dead, slimey, rotting lawn and installed cheyenne's new turf.

it looks is clean, virtually maintenance free...easy for her to pull herself around on, protects her skin from trauma and it looks fantastic to boot!

super nice guys, great work ethic and expertise...i am so freaking happy.

scratch off my spiraling stress list.... cheyenne's disgusting lawn.
new lawn



I will quote someone from the facebook post...

" grass...what grass"...Lol

Those guys were super nice..worked really hard and quickly...and were so easy to watch :-)

Pam in Nashville

Wow. So happy for Cheyenne. Can you keep the "yard ornaments"?

shelagh f

OMG, that looks great. this will be a true test of their lawn,
if it can make it at Saints, it will be great for their advertising.
You can work on the other side, and if the fake grass holds up
maybe when we win the lottery, we can that side too.