Rescue Journal

afternoon updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2016

mah did well with that massive surgery..i think it was close to about 3 hours long. we all watched intermittently in between various chores. it was a massive surgical procedure and our vet did an excellent job. mah will be recovering in the shop for the next couple of weeks. and then she can actually go back to being a sheep.

i want to thank jamie and anne (and her niece) for coming in on their days off so we could deal with some of the heat issues affecting our animals here.
brad and charlotte had new tarps put in their undercovered areas and changed over into their personal cool off water pools. they and the chickens also had new shade tarps hung to give them shade from the blazing hot sun. the potbellies and the dogs all got their shade shelters up and a couple of new wading pools.
the big dogs got a new air conditioner and kevin is currently installing a new one for chicklet's area.

we have hung cut tarps on all of the house windows to partially block out the hottest parts of the sun, all lights are turned off and all fans and air conditioners are running on high right now.

beverly is having her ultrasound tomorrow and kyah is going in tomorrow for a possible pyrometria. the vets recommended not spaying her previously because of her significant skin issues, but now we have no choice. she is on antibiotics for tonight and into the clinic first thing in the morning for possible surgery.

i took eddie's staples out today from his spinal surgery, it has healed up great. he still has several weeks of confinement while he fully heals. but the good news is...he can walk, he has control of both his bladder and bowels. he goes in for his post surgical recheck in a couple of weeks and if all is well, he should be able to return to his foster home to finish his recovery. yay eddie.

chicklet is not standing yet, only occasionally lifting her head. she is still getting sedation because her breathing is still not great. so it is hard to know if it is the sedation causing her to be so low. they are holding her next dose at 6 pm to see if she perks up and if her breathing gets really bad or stays at not so great. she hasn't had any further bloody diarrhea so that is good news. her vet bill is $1800 so far with our discount and estimated to increase by another $1200 over the next 24 hours. she hasn't turned the corners to recovery or hopelessness yet..she is just in holding pattern..still not sure which way she will go.
i will talk to the vets again in the early evening once they see how she reacts to not getting the sedation.



Sending get well thoughts your way Chicklet.
I bet Charlie is missing you.
Lots of Love Sweetie.
Hope we hear good news soon.

carol A

that was a heck of a toigh day. Horrible heat, very sick animals, big surgery, shelters erected, tough on the vet teams, tough on the voulujteers, tough on the critters and on you.
great news about eddie! prayers for everyone else especially wee cricket!


Oh sweet Chicklet, you can do this...Charlie is waiting for you....and I'm looking forward to seeing you when I return to Saints this Sunday please.


Praying for you Chicklet.
You have always been a trooper.
Lots of hugs and kisses
Love you 😘🐶😪😔