Rescue Journal

sorry for the delay in the sickies saints updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2016

i didn't speak to the vet until after midnight and then had to get up at 6 for work.
not that the update from last night matters because now we have today's update.

chicklet is home...i drove over after work and picked her up.
she isn't "cured" but she is better. the vets said she will one day hit a crises with this again and she may not survive it but for now she is home and fairly comfortable. we will try to medically manage her the best that we can for as long as we can. and i will now be a total paranoid about her ever overheating again!

thank you erin for checking on the guys tonight until we got home.

mah is recovering well from her surgery...she is an amazing girl!

kyah did have her surgery and it was a pylometria and she will stay in the clinic for another day or two on antibiotics and IV's. so far she hasn't bitten anyone but i am sure she is thinking about it frequently.

beverly had her ultrasound..looks like chronic long term pancreatitis. the good news is she was in the clinic long enough for the staff to fall in love so she is now the clinic cat...yay beverly! way to find yourself a great home!!

that is it for the i have animals who are wondering where the heck i have been for the past 13 hours..i better snap to it and go spend some time with them.



So relived for all...and I cant wait until Mah is healed and to see her moving around without that huge bag dragging her down. She is a super sweet sheep .


That was a quick in and out at Saints for Beverly. Barely got to meet her. Good to hear she got a home (at a vet to boot)!

Carol A.

Carol, the cartrophen, just might make a difference. One of our cats was on that for a partially torn ACL worked like a charm. You are amazing! Great news about Beverly. She couldn't be in a better place!


i stocked the fridge with those cold packs yesterday for her next vet visit carol A..great minds thin alike!!! surgery not an option but according to the ER vets..apparently cartrophen may help somewhat which is great because we had started her on it last week for her arthritis so who knows..maybe in a few weeks the cartilage in her trachea may improve a bit once the cartrophen has a chance to do its job.

carol A

so really, its good news all around! Do youhave any ofthose ice packs you could keep in the fridge for emergencies with chicklet? you could have themon hand and then tuck themaround her little body,under a towel to help cool her down. or put ice infront of afanto help chill the air she breaths if that new a/c breaks down. every little bit helps. sweet girl. I dont suppose there is any surgical correction they could do for her.?
big hugs.. have fun with the hounds!!

alyson nerker

Amazing news. Yay Chicklet :) Glad to hear Kyah is on the mend as well. Thanks Carol !


So relieved to hear your better Chicklet. Lots of love. Stay well sweetie. Thanks for all the care your giving her. You guys are amazing. 💕🐶❤