Rescue Journal

next freak out...

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2016

i have 2 more shifts and am then on vacation...
with only 7 days to get ready for the open house!

i will make up a list, post it on the front door and pray to the helping gods to send work party fairies to get some of the jobs done.

please do not call or email to offer availability on X day at x time and call if i need some help...10 of those emails will drive me nutz. i will just universally say now...i REALLY need some help!

the list will be on the front door by this saturday will stay there until the following friday evening.

whenever folks have some spare time to come up and pre-booking or pre-arranging with me is necessary...just come on up, pick a (some) job (s), do it (them) and cross it (them) off the list! super simple and saves me replying to a bunch of phone calls and emails.

the annual open house is our opportunity to present to the community all the 120 reasons why saints is necessary..120 fuzzy or feathered souls. it is also our opportunity to present to the community the incredibly dedicated and hard work that all of us...staff and volunteers selflessly give to provide a comfortable and loving home to those 120 fuzzy and feathered souls.

we give to the animals our blood sweat and tears and in return when they see this...the community supports us by making donations to continue our worthy work.

this year especially (miley, eddie, cheyenne, mah, and chicklet)...we really need those donations to keep us going.

please come a pick a job or three...many hands makes the work easier.

with deepest advanced thx from the animals and me!