Rescue Journal

don't have to shoot myself today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2016

i guess if we were normal and did think like everyone else...we probably wouldn't be doing rescue.
ahhh.... the proverbial two edged sword.

due to kennel cough we are virtually temporarily shut down.
not to our saints animals of course but to all new admissions.
a couple of our previous guys are coming back for a visit...georgia's family has to go oversees to an ill family member and koby's foster dad's building is being torn down so he needs to find new pet loving digs. they are both going over to the mp building which has remained kennel cough free.
of the house...long termers like big buddy and a few around the block many timers have a built up natural immunity but a good chunk of them are currently building up their own immunity and while doing so...coughing. the frail ones we put on antibiotics to prevent secondary infections and we have anti-coughing meds for the ones whose coughing could be exhausting. but most of the guys are like you and me, when we have a virus...not great, not fun but not a mega problem. i don't why the valley had such an extensive kennel cough outbreak this year..but it is what it is and it soon will be over which will be nice for us all.

other updates..
chicklet is doing ok
shelby is up and walking again..she is a bit weak and wobbly for sure but she is getting up on her own to get out the door. last night i let her sleep out in her bed on the porch because that was where she wanted to be.
i think the vet is coming today to re-check mah.
erin booked eddie's recheck so soon he should be able to return to his foster home.

today is my first day of vacation..i better get the to do list for the open house up.
thank the cosmos for arnie..dedicated shop cop extraordinaire...i won't have to spend much time at all in that freaking shop!
every open house year i want to shoot myself in there but not this year!



When my daughter's dog had kennel cough three weeks ago, the vet said it's a new strain that is resistant to the existing vaccine. Maybe that's why it spread so quickly through the Fraser Valley?


Thanks for all the updates.
Really appreciate it.
Wishing everyone well. ❤️