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we lost our lovely allie suddenly this morning

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2016

she vomited once at about 3 am...i stroked her sweet face, kissed her head and told her i was sorry her tummy was upset. and then i stepped over her and went back to bed.
she was unconscious when i got up at 7 am. i called emerg and erin to come help me get her into the van. by the time i got the stretcher, she was gone.
i was so afraid i missed something, an obstruction from eating another can..a torsion if her stomach had flipped. i asked the ER doc to xray so i would know.
there was nothing, no foreign objects, no twists, no tumors, no masses...nothing..everything was normal.

the vet said i didn't miss anything, occasionally dogs vomit just before a heart attack. there was no way i could have known. but i did know she wasn't feeling well at 3 am, i just didn't think it was a big deal.

don't know if we could have saved very, very sorry didn't get that chance.

rest in peace sweet girl, you were loved by us all.
allie 2


Linda Ciccozzi

Allie deserved better than life gave her! She had the potential to be a great, happy, gentle and loving girl with her own family. I would always listen for your barking messages letting us know you needed to go outside or needed some attention and encouragement. Dearest Allie....RIP. Know that your spirit was strong and loving enough for your presence to live on and to be always felt forever at SAINTS, πŸΎπŸ’•πŸ˜”πŸ˜Š


Was this the special girl that Charlie had become buddies with?


I love you Allie. I love all of you at SAINTS who loved and cared for her and all the others.


Yeah, tough day at Saints today.....missed you so much in the kitchen this morning Allie...everywhere I looked, you were not could feel the emptiness in the air....we were all hugging the other dogs a little more tightly...RIP sweet girl


I am so sorry for everyone's loss.
I am sure she will be missed by all.


Heart breaking, shocking, I can't take it in...have no words. You left us way, way, way to soon beautiful girl.

alyson nerker

She was loved by everyone. I met her a year ago when she first came in. I'm not a big fan of big dogs but Allie was different. I remember the first time I took her for a walk/run and afterwards while standing in the kitchen talking with however was standing there in front of me I turned and looked at Allie. She was looking right back at me and must have been for some time. The look in her eyes flowed with love for the walk we just shared. Once our eyes met she moved closer to me and I stroked her head. She seemed empathically joyed for me for walking her. I felt differently for her ever since. Yes, we all love(d) you Allie. You had a heart of gold, and an uncanny sense when ever food was on the counter. Till we meet again.

shelagh f

what a shock. no one could have known an upset stomach
would be so serious. rest in peace Allie, will miss you in the
kitchen counter surfing

Lynne arnason

I am so so sorry she was a lovely girl who so deserved more I will miss her stealing little ways for her food Her lovely face rip sweet girl I am totally in shock tears for this sweet girl