Rescue Journal

a river

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2016

i woke up at 5..that kind of sucks but oh well.
the kitchen feels achingly empty this morning. even daisy hasn't gotten up and pooped everywhere. first time i have ever seen the kitchen still completely clean...weird.

i forgot to mention that ebony, our unhappy scaredy cat has gone out on an adoption trial. it is a dedicated cat loving home so as long as she can co-exist with the resident cat, all should be good for her now. hope floats.

the volunteers were all great this weekend..lots of stuff off the open house to do list got done.

lots of tears were shed here, at the board meeting yesterday afternoon and in the privacy of saints folks homes...allie was greatly loved.

i wonder collectively.... over the past dozen saints many tears have we shed?
i bet it is a river.

ahhhh rescue. a river of tears, a river of love, a river that goes on and on, year after year.

it is what it is.



So glad that Ebony has found her forever. The pictures of her snuggling up to her new mom bring tears. Thank you for giving her a safe haven.