Rescue Journal

another loss...

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2016

daisy was euthanized today. she wasn't unexpected, she has been doing the downward slide for months. yesterday she wouldn't eat anything except for tim bits. last night at midnight i found her wobbly and confused standing in the middle of the kitchen floor. i helped her back to bed and there she stayed, not wanting or able to get up today. we had decided with her last crises go around that daisy was palliative. her dementia had progressed to the point that diagnostics or even being left at the vets for treatments, like iV's, would be unfair to her. she just no longer had the ability to deal with changes or anything stressful or unfamiliar.

she slept peacefully thru her passing with both renee and me.

daisy came from a horrible situation..rescued from one of the worst the SPCA had ever seen. she was content here, she was safe and loved and she passed from this life gently.

rest in peace dear daisy, you were the softest and purest of souls.


Linda Ciccozzi

Ahhh, Sweet Daisy......I will miss you little girl! Know that you were loved! RIP Daisy

Lenore Henry

Rest in peace Daisy - you were such a sweet and gentle girl...


So glad she got to spend her last days with us getting lots of love and food(like whatever Carol was eating). Daisy may your body & mind be free.....RIP


Sweet dreams Daisy and Allie..............I guess you two didn't want to be parted.


RIP Daisy.
Condolences to all who new and loved her.
Lots of love to everyone. 😔🐶😓

Lynne Arnason

She was a very sweet girl I will miss her mistaking my fingers for food lol she will be missed in the kitchen it must seem very empty without sweet daisy and lovely Allie just gotta love those yellow labs one of my favorite breeds rip daisy I really hope this is it for awhile


Aw sweet Daisy, you lived thru such horror. I hope your confusion helped you forget the past so you could . . . . just be! I will miss you Daisy, RIP.


Oh Daisy, I was just commenting to Carol yesterday that I was somewhat surprised, but happy, to see Daisy still at Saints, after I was away for a month. Wow, so glad she was able to experience love, gentle hands, soft beds, tasty food, and canine friends for her end days. RIP Daisy, Allie is waiting for you....

shelagh f

I pray this is all the bad news about Saints animals for a while.
Poor old Daisy, at least your last days were happy and care