Rescue Journal

St. Allie...aka the pitbull.

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2016

i think i woke up so early because allie was so deep in my head. the unexpected loss of her, the way it happened, a single vomit and then a dead dog?..lots of unhappy thoughts swirling around in my head.

if you go onto the internet you are inundated with post after post of re-posted after re-post of..."PITBULL ATTACKS..." "PITBULL MAULS..." 'PITBULL KILLS...."

Trump, ISIS and Pitbulls....the demons of the century

i get trump..he is an ignorant destructive asshole bent of puffing up his power ego.
i get ISIS...a bunch of insane and violent assholes who like to kill large numbers of innocent people because it makes them feel righteous and great.

the thing is...trump and isis are making a choice...they are choosing to be monsters that want to hurt others.

there are some dangerous pitbulls out there...overbred, poorly bred, in the hands of the wrong humans.
if you did a true census of dog bites, i would place a bet that the two breeds with the most amounts of bites would be Chihuahuas and Pitbulls. these two breeds are in the midst of a population explosion and i truly believe these two breeds have the biggest populations of humans exploiting them for money.
the more greedy humans involved, the more damage done to breeds.

in any case...despite what you read in the newspapers and on the internet...there are millions upon millions of really sweet pitbulls out there.

unlike Trump and ISIS which haven't a nice or kind bone in any of their bodies.

allie was sweet. allie was kind. allie slept with tiny 3 pound dogs, she let the cats rub up against her and pee and poop on her bed, she was gentle and kind to our demented daisy and honestly most of our dogs here couldn't be kind to daisy like that.. she had a great heart and a ton of patience. allie loved kids and toys. allie met me at the door every day with a stuffy clamped between her jaws. we hugged her, we kissed her, we rubbed her, we bathed her. we played with her. we trusted her because she was a trustworthy dog.
was she perfect? hell no..horrible skin issues, countersurfing food thief, OCD with water and rocks, an utter flailing tank when out on walks...and when folks were afraid of made her nervous and she would not trust them and aggressively bark.
allie was here because like all of our other dogs...she had some broken parts. allie wasn't a demon..she was just what all dogs are at saints...our every day fucked up by the greedy, the uncaring, the neglectful, the stupid...she was just an unlucky dog. and she was a far better person than many of the folks who wrecked her in some ways.

but first and foremost...she was a good dog. not perfect but good. and she doesn't deserve to be on society's demonic list...she was a sweet and gentle girl.
there are millions of good dogs out there like allie....and some wrecked beyond repair too.
just like humans.

and she never chose to be part of a breed that humans exploit for power, for profit and wreck and then fear, demonize and destroy. she was innocent of any wrong doing..she was an innocent and kind hearted dog in an ugly world of stupidity, greed and fear.

there are millions of good dogs out there like allie.
we need to step up and protect them and stop the bad, the greedy and the stupid from exploiting them,from destroying them.
for every single human ever hurt by a pitbull...there are thousands upon thousands of pitbulls suffering terrible things at the hands of humans.

who are the real demons out there?
it sure as hell isn't the dogs.
they are the symptom of what is wrong with us.

you were a very good girl allie and we miss you.


Rebecca hutchinson

How dare you Carol, we wrecked her! She was unlucky? Alize was our family, she was our first baby , she grew up with four children who loved her more than anything in this world, who still ask about her EVERY day , who ask how she is doing and when she is coming home, where I have to explain over and over again that she is very sick and very special nice people have to take care of her, I continually search for updates about her so I can still in some way stay connected with her and can tell my kids stories about her. I asked you for one thing, a chance to say goodbye when the time came, however you did not call and give us a chance to say goodbye, to cream ate her and pick out a special urn to give us some closure for our family, you stole that from us and even further, in her "memorial" you demonize her family who loved her more that words. I had great respect for you as a person and the work you do, but now I can't even read my children her memorial, you used her death to make a point and twisted her family into a distorted victim tale to further your own ends and make a point, simply disgusting,painful and degrading, I feel so sorry for you , and you have no idea the pain you have caused in our family


She sounds like she was a beautiful dog inside and out. I am sure she is being missed. I am sure Charlie is missing her too. So sad. RIP Allie. 😪🐶😔💔

Lenore Henry

Sweet, sweet Allie - you will be so in peace girl.


I have reposted this blog onto Facebook: food for thought re negative pit bull mania.. Still can't believe she's gone....we all miss you Allie


WTF!!!!!!! Just read the blog......omg I can't believe our sweet Allie is gone!
Way to soon.......Allie you were such a pretty were greatly loved and will be deeply missed......RIP dear girl