Rescue Journal

yes boss.

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2016

we are not done yet. shelby while slightly rallying after her last crises is back into the slow down hill slide. we are watching and waiting until she says it is her time. at this particular moment, she is annoyed with me. she is sending very clear telepathic messages that she wants to go back out to her bed on the porch. erin might be pissed at me, but i am going to give in. i figured out a solution for getting her up without breaking our backs when we need to get her up out of her cosy cave. hah..we just have to pick up the table and move it before we try to get her up!

if shelby wants to spend her last few nights on a soft bed under the blanket/table/tent on the screened in porch...she gets what she wants.

who am i to argue with her clearly stated end of life wishes? a chow's gotta get what a chow really wants...that's why god made them stubborn as mules.

anyway..i better go get it all comfy and cosy because she is really intently trying to get me up off my ass and do what she wants.

love you shelby and yes you are the boss. i will do as you say.


Anne Seward

Yup. You're doing right by Shelby Carol. She loves it out there.


I totally agree. You should have some control of the end of your life, even if no one else agrees with your choice. Good for you Shelby!!