Rescue Journal

faith, hope and some quotes from multimedia!

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2016

the corner stones of saints.

well..we are getting there...the place is looking pretty good. i still have some odds and ends things i need to get done but the major stuff has been gotten thru.
i so want to thank each of the staff and volunteers who chipped in and slogged thru the extra work. you guys are the heart and backbone of saints..thanks for being there and letting us count on you!

i keep watching the weekend forecast..the forecast keeps changing...not too bad, pretty good, yikes, maybe not so good.
whatever. i have no control over the weather and i will never be truly upset over rain..good for the grass, the fields, the pond and the well. all of which are important to saints. hopefully folks will still come even if the weather kind of sucks. and if they don't? well we still got a bunch of stuff done that needed to be done.

still fingers crossed that the forecast returns to pretty good..we love this place and want to share it and any donations that come would be immensely appreciated esp. now when we are surviving on charitable fumes.

hope floats for a happy and successful open house weekend..we have done the hard work and hoping is the last thing we can now do.

"if i ran the zoo," said young gerald magrew..."i'll tell you what i would happen to do" (Dr. Sues)


young gerald assumes he would have control to do exactly what he wanted to do.

but here is the thing...
we have control over our own choices but our choices end up depending on many things. (ha!the weather,) the, ethics/morals/legalities, the needs and wants/the strengths and limitations of others around you.
no man is an island, not at this rescue..not as simple as you think young gerald magrew.

we have created something here so simple and basic...a place of respect, comfort and compassion for unwanted imperfect animals. and it is beautiful.
the result is simple but the process is not. the process is as complicated as launching, protecting and returning safe to home 100+ broken or geriatric astronauts!

the annual open house is when we tidy ourselves up and present our work for the wellbeing of our residents to our small corner of this world.

hopefully folks like us. hopefully folks come.
no control..just hope.
we have done our best and now our part is done.
control is iffy at best.

"if you build it, they will come." (that movie about baseball in the corn field)
we built it, they (the animals) came...but will many interested humans wander this way?

ahh..."you gotta have faith" (? a song?)



The weather will do what it wants to do. Having cancelled the yard sale once I now have all fingers firmly crossed for Mother Nature's co-operation this coming weekend and on the 25th.


It's going to be a good day rain or shine!!! I have family coming so you are promised at least 3 guests haha