Rescue Journal

feeling grateful...

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2016


the dogs were all asleep by 6 pm and i was asleep by 630, we were all is 2 am now and i already squeezed in 7.5 hours of sleep!
it was a busy weekend but it was a very good weekend....despite the downpours on saturday and fathers day on sunday. we had about 200 folks tour thru which admittedly is about 1/3rd less than usual but understandably less because of the challenges above. still, those 200+ folks were not only kind and supportive, they were incredibly generous to the tune of about $4600 in donations which will keep us afloat for a little while more!

to all the staff and volunteers and all of our wonderful visitors..huge thanks for our open house weekend that really helped our animals!

it was great to see the saints past alumni who came with their families to say hello. so heart warming to see them so happy and incredibly well loved. it really does make this hard work feel worthwhile.

what i like best about the open house weekend is...watching folks interact with the animals. these broken discards of society are precious, they touch people's hearts and for no other reason than they are beautiful in just being who they are.
and that is the beauty of saints...animals loved for simply being themselves.

oh and the other thing i really like preparation..we got to do a bunch of spring clean up things that really needed to be done!
it feels so good to walk around here, see the gardens and driveways weeded, the green grass mowed, the walls and windows washed, the nicks and bangs on the doors touched up with paint and the linen shelves no longer in disarray.
sadly, thru out the year we all get so busy that it is hard to keep it all looking so great.
we need more home and garden type A personalities volunteering here! where oh where is martha stewart?

the work is not yet done..poor arnie has a ton of post open house stuff to finish off in the shop. if anyone is free this week to give him a hand..let me know..i bet he would appreciate a bit of extra help.

well..little elvis is tossing a fit so i better go back to bed.

thank you so much to everyone who had any part in making this weekend a very great weekend...we all truly appreciate it.



Just wondering if there are any pics of the new garden in back of house done by KO .(beautiful)...or the memorial garden, to put on Facebook.....


So happy you got some well deserved sleep Carol....and yes, it was wonderful to share Saints with some folks, and receive much needed donations - really glad to be a part of the "Saints world".

alyson nerker

It was a great weekend, and it was great to be part of it :D