Rescue Journal

big favor to ask...

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2016

not critical but would be nice...
my sisters are coming to visit. both of them will be here together fri june 24-monday june 27th. it would be wonderful to be able to spend fri/sat/sunday nights with them at the cabin..we haven't gotten much time together in almost 20 years. *(ahh..the downsides of rescue)

so if any well seasoned and experienced volunteers who are up for a bit of a sleep over adventure...please let me know. (i will always be available for any emergency by phone and can be back here within 30 minutes if needed.)
if not.... its ok...i will still get to spend time with them in between....just kind of wishing for a normal uninterrupted weekend with out of town family



I can stay overnight on the Sunday to Monday if needed. Not sure if I count as a seasoned volunteer anymore though!


Carol, I would be willing to stay for the Saturday night overnight, as I am in Sunday morning anyway. I tried calling you answer...will be in touch. I'm not sure I'd get any sleep - compelled to check on everyone regularly,- but I'd be happy to do it so you can enjoy some time with your sisters. ☺