Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2016

new bunny in..temporary. ruperts family are friends of mine and in germany until mid july so he is visiting here. he is in the upper bunny run and is used to lots of attention and love.

poppy had a tough night..several episodes of vomiting due to a reaction from the sedation while having her feet trimmed. pigs are not built to vomit so it is concerning. we will be watching her carefully for aspiration pneumonia just in case.
gracie also had her feet done but she recovered well without any problems.

i am still kind of brain dead post open house so not quite on the ball yet.

i may have to switch my request for overnight coverage to the july 1 one sister might not make it here until then. for those who have so kindly volunteered..can you let me know if that weekend work for you too?



I have two dogs boarding at my place that weekend so I can't help out. Sorry !

alyson nerker

Hi Carol, I could come in on Saturday overnight on the long weekend being I'm here on Sunday anyways. Would be a great experience. Thanks, Alyson


Carol, I cannot do the long weekend Sat overnight, as I am working that weekend and won't be coming to Saints at all on July 3 . Sorry, just this coming Sat. would work for me.