Rescue Journal

2 losses today

Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2016

tammy lost her beloved sam...

Sam died shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. It was quick and peaceful.
He had a good day. Spent most of it sleeping on my lap.
I had him for almost 8 years but I do believe this last year when he was sick was his happiest. Due to the illness he consistently lost weight, quite a bit weight actually.
The weight loss made him feel better, become more active and he loved to play with Ripley.
He never presented as sick and if it weren’t for the blood work I would never have known.

I want to thank you for letting me bring him home. He was a gift. Ripley and I will miss him terribly. I do find some comfort knowing that it was his
time. After days of going back and forth (he was great one day, not so great the next, he bounced back and forth) I knew as I drove home that it was
the right decision. At the vet there was no argument from him, no struggle he went gently.

rest in peace sam..tammy thank you for giving an abandoned unhappy cat the home of his dreams. hugs.


nugget passed away suddenly during the night without any warning. he hasn't been ill, he was in great physical shape..we are unsure what happened, he just died without us knowing anything was wrong. sadie will be lonely without nugget, we will move her in with the other chickens in a day or so.
rest in peace nugget, you weren't the super nicest rooster but that's ok, you were you and sadie really liked you.


alyson nerker

Thank You Tammy for being a Sainte to Sam. You did give him the best years.


I'm so sorry, Tammy. Sam was lucky to have you as his caregiver.

RIP crazy nugget.

Anne Seward

Condolences Tammy. Sam looked like a cool dude. I'm sure he was spoiled until the end.

RIP Nugget. You had tude to spare.

Lenore Henry

Thinking of you Tammy and I am very sorry for your loss of Sam.


Very Very Sorry Tammy for your loss..Sam knew love and carries it with him.

Saddened to read of Nuggets passing..he was really a character and always reminded me of the cartoon rooster Foghorn Leghorn.



Hugs, Tammy. So sorry to hear this. Sam was a lucky boy to have you as his "mom" and I'm sure he knew it. You gave him a dream home. Rest peacefully, Sam.

So sad also to hear about Nugget. I remember him coming into Saints as a baby. I thought he was a pretty neat guy - always stopped to say hi to him on my way out to the barn. He liked to be the center of attention. He sure didn't look sick on Sunday I shall miss him.


So very sorry fo your loss Tammy 😥

And nugget??? He was his usual self yesterday.... Sad. Sorry Carol.


Tammy, thank you for loving all the felines. ...Sam was so lucky to touch your heart. My thoughts and hugs


So sorry Tammy, I was thinking about you today......hugs sent long distance. Sam was a very lucky cat to have landed in your lap.