Rescue Journal

patrick passed away this weekend

Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2016

sorry, i haven't stuff.
i am enjoying my sister's visit..getting some stuff done at the cottage and of course jenn had her baby, she is a beautiful babe and grandchild #5 for me. my other sister and her husband are arriving next weekend.

but even as i am busy with family...saints marches on.
the staff and the volunteers have been wonderful covering for me.
brenda spent saturday night here so my sister and i could sleep over at the cottage...hah! i had a deep and not guilt ridden hot bath (water is unlimited out there!) AND i did up several loads of my outstanding laundry all in one day! usually in the summer months i have to make a choice at saints on any given day...clean laundry or bath? which do i need more? cottage life is wonderful..i get to have both!!

on a sad note...patrick was euthanized on saturday. the blood work came back and patrick was bleeding internally sopmewhere. best guess is an underlying cancer of the liver that we did not know was there. in comparison to his blood work about 10 days earlier which was pretty good...the new blood work was terrible. he did as well for as long as he could but suddenly things changed.
i was with patrick when he passed away...sweet, kind, gentle and purring right til his last breath.
he was an incredibly purehearted and sweet soul'ed little cat.

rest in peace patrick.
you were loved, you are missed and i am glad we were here to give you a couple of weeks of comfort and a peaceful end.
i thank the powers that be that he did not die alone and anonymous on the streets.


shelagh f

I just got back and i read this. I had told him if he was still alive
when I got back I would take him home. such a nice guy, he looked
so horrible when he spent the night, but he just purred and loved
to be petted. RIP Patrick


So sorry for this loss..I only met him briefly and witnessed in that short time what a wonderful kitty he was. RIP sweet kitty.


Oh our little one, I will miss you. Patrick was a purrfect boy, loved cuddles, loved cat nip, loved to play with toys & was always purring. Patrick knew true unconditional love & gave unconditional love. RIP sweet sweet boy

Lenore Henry

Although your time spent at Saints was short, you were surrounded by people who cared about you - rest in peace Patrick.


He was definitely a happy little fellow. Glad you gave him some company in his last few minutes with us


It would have been so wonderful if Patrick could have spent more time at Saints, being loved and spoiled. He was happy there in his short time, though. He really was the sweetest cat and we'll miss him. It's so upsetting to think of all the cats that do die alone.