Rescue Journal

the brief road to normal

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2016

sorry for the lack of blog posts..i was busy being normal.
here's normal for me in the past week....
1. being available to my youngest daughter, post c-section first baby (5th! grandchild....yay!)
2.time with my visiting sisters and brother in law...we even went over to fort langley for lunch and antique shopping!
3, family canada day picnic at cottage (plus 2 whole nights sleepovers!) including drinking beer and wine and getting beat by my siblings in cribbage and scrabble.
4. first grand daughters 6th birthday party (OMG! is she 6 yrs old already??!!)
5. painting the inside brick walls in the cottage kitchen, painting the table and chairs, shopping for and hanging new cottage curtains (cheapo's for sure but much airier/and less depressing than what was previously there.) it is looking so sister is a very good motivator!

i have attended the recent saints animals final moments and was with them when they passed away.
i did get sadie moved over with the other chickens and it looks like the blending in to the new flock has gone ok.
i am still doing saints board of directors stuff..we are currently having meetings around board development
i took care of a crises feed run and ordered the rest of barn supplies for delivery this week.

one of my sister's is here until thursday so i am still taking some time off to hang out with her.

the dogs especially were happy to have me back at home and sleeping in my own bed. and even the sheep came charging and bo was jumping up on me..partially to say hello but mostly to see if i had brought any treats for them!

normal may only last another few days..but i have to say..i am totally enjoying it!

huge thx to everyone who stepped up and helped cover my absences..i cannot tell you how very, very much it has been appreciated!!!!


Catherine Shapiro

Happy all your family plans worked out and sounds like you had some fun.