10 Years of Wishes for Whiskers!

Sheila  ·  Jul. 5, 2016

W4W 10th Invite_1

I am looking for silent auction items. Food, alcohol, and electronics seem to do the best. I already have a lot of art work so won't be needing anymore than what I have.

Thanks Sheila



Hi Sheila, can I please sponsor raven and mah and her babies, little bo and peep?? Thanks very much!!


Hi everyone. Just in case you are wondering.. I have read all the messages and will be marking all your sponsorships. Kathy I will email you. Thanks everyone for jumping in before I even needed to ask.


Lynne, can I be with you at your table? I will sponsor Oscar (of course) and llil Buddy, Thanks!

Cathie K

Sheila ; Please I would also like to have or sponsor
Dee Dee and her Bff... Again thank You in Advance... Cathie K


I'm in Lynne. I'd like to sponsor Diesel, Donatello, Mick Jagger and Charlie.

Lynne arnason

I will sponsor again mystic June brown buddy pepper pots boomer Luna and will sponsor a table with Cassie on it shall I try and get u a pic of her I will get together a sponsor table Brenda you r in for sure anyone else?

Cathie K

sheila; Place me again this year for three tables plus Carl Elliot and his harem like always . Will as usual need amount . if I may sponsor any more let me know I'd be happy to add to the list... Thank You in Advance... Cathie K.


Hi Val. Tickets are $75 each and the event starts at 6 pm
There is a silent auction , live ribbon auction and a vegetarian buffet (vegan options as much as possible)
NAt Hunter of the nat and drew show wil be hosting. I will be posting about this event several times between now and sept 17th


Hi Sheila,
Could you post (or email) the details about this fundraiser when you know them? :) I've never been but it looks fun!


Thanks everyone. I was going to do a seperate post for sponsorship but so appreciate people already volunteering to sponsor.



Are you wanting the sponsorship names now Sheila? If so, Squirt for me....
and LYNNE, count me in on a seat at the volunteer table, if you're doing that again, as usual. Thanks


Sheila I would like to sponsor chicklet & baby Jane (dogs) and nacho, William & Leo (cats). Hope it isn't to early.

Emma B

I just left a message with a couple of people about some entertainment this year. Will send you an email if I get a response.


Hi Sheila. I can donate 5 batches of wine. Well gift certificates for 5 batches, that is.


HI Sheila,
May I please sponsor Ziggy? And I will send for another SAINT who might need a sponsor.
Thank you,
Suzanne Hawkins