Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2016

johnny and emma went home with tammy.
kiwi went home with helga.
magee is going to go home with shelagh.
bob the bunny will be going home with johanna's bunny loving friend.
pete was adopted today by the very great family who last year adopted phina from here...apparently she now wants a playful friend!

new admissions...
14 yr old diabetic cat with skin issues,,cindy is lovely but she is currently upset. hopefully she soon gets over it. i think she will, she is a very sweet cat.
ancient poodle-ish something. clemantine is a total wreck... emaciated, horrid skin, infected ears and teeth, arthritic..a bit of a biter, oh and partially blind. we will get her in asap for a head to toe vet check. currently she is in worse shape than rusty was so i don't expect her to be here long. first order of business tho is getting her feeling better and helping her find happy then we will see how long she wants to stay.

farewell to our friends who recently found families to replace us and
a very warm welcome to our new and precious elder saints.

the circle of saints.


Lenore Henry

Something tells me Clemantine hasn't been that clean for a long time - she looked so fluffy and content after her bath - hopefully she will start to feel better soon....


Yes, Clemantine stole my heart....she loved the blow dryer after her bath... She looks like a miniature Irish wolfhound to me.😌..sweet frail girl....I think Saints will do wonders for her.

alyson nerker

We all pitched in and helped Clemantine find happy this morning :) She sure is a bit of a wreck, but her soul shines bright.

Lynne arnason

Have a great life to all who found homes I will miss Pete in the sitting room he was one of my favorites

alyson nerker

I remember :) Will miss Pete for sure. So happy for him and the others though. Looking forward to meeting Clemantine...


Oh ma darln' , oh ma darlin', oh ma darlin Clementine🎶......looking forward to meeting her tomorrow (anyone else remember this song?)
So much good news for all those finding homes...will miss Magee and Pete, but soooo happy for them all.


Wow.. sounds like a busy day for re-homing a bunch of the kids. Good for them to have new homes!