Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2016

warm mashed potatoes with vegan margarine hand served fork to mouth...HUGE hit with the computer room dogs. screw tim bits! laddie was in mashed potato heaven!

elvira is now my bath buddy. it was a mistake..i left the door open with elvis wandering around the cat rooms scarfing down cat food so he could find me and not scream the house down once he stopped scarfing and noticed that i was out of his line of sight.
elvira LOVES keeping me company while relaxing in a hot bath.
pat, pat, lick, lick, purr, purr...i didn't have the heart to tell her, the bathroom is off limits to cats.

clementine had her vet check...bad skin, bad teeth, bad ears, bad eyes, plus way too thin...waiting to see what her blood work shows about what is going on inside. she was bitey and needed muzzling but due to her poor vision, her aim wasn't all that great. she screamed all the way home, pooped in her crate and walked thru it. anne is leaving for vacation tomorrow and asked if she could leave 15 minutes early today..i said sure..wash her poopy feet and you can go whenever you want. hah! clem got a full bath and blow dry before anne zipped out the door!

i think cheyenne may be marginally settling (her frustration recently has been escalating)...will wait a few more days before adjusting her gabapentin dose.
miami was moved over to the medical room...she is coming out and exploring now so she must feel more secure.
cindy is starting to lose that wide eyed devastated stare. she is eating so that is good. looks like she will make the adjustment and be able to settle in..just needs a few more getting to know us days and hopefully she can start to find her place here.

spencer is being a dick-head to fritz. fritz is usually the resident dick-head but apparently spencer has him beat. anyway..twice today i had to rescue fritz..i told spens to knock it off or i will make him live with robbie and the dick-head cat chasing dogs.

it might be an empty threat but at the time it sounded pretty good.



Spencer is such a sweet boy. I think he is bored. Young, healthy 4 year old cat needs a great home.


Elvira will follow you from room to room while cleaning, she is a great helper. Ok, she is one of many reasons it takes me so long to do the back cat rooms 😉😍


Elvira is a real people cat, hard to believe she hadn't been scooped up yet.