Rescue Journal

shawn's beloved norm has passed away

Carol  ·  Jul. 13, 2016


Hi Carol. I am writing this email to you with tears running. I let Sir Normie Norm cross the bridge yesterday. He had stopped eating , drinking, and hadn't been himself for a few days. He was around 17 years old....

Thank you for taking him in from Surrey 4years ago. I had just found Saints as a volunteer in 2012 and he came in and found me. Even though he was blind and deaf, he had me at hello. I will miss so much about him....his love for treats and playing hide n seek in the pantry, the way he explored the yard letting me know he was done with his bark and at night when he would come up and sniff me to make sure I was there and then settle down as close as he could to me. He stole my heart everyday.

He was a gift and I will never forget his strength, tenacity, and his love for life. He completed our family. I
Am so grateful we had the chance to love him and give him the home he deserved.

Thank you Carol for trusting me with him.

rest in peace norm..thank you shawn for loving him so well and filling an old wrecked dog's final life's chapters with precious care and dignity.


Lynne arnason

So sorry Shawn it never gets easier does it when they pass knowing they were loved that is the greatest gift u can give them

Laura B

Shawn you have such a great heart, thanks for letting Norm bury his way in(at hello) the loss is so hard but what these amazing Saints give us in return is worth every tear.....Rip dear Norm

alyson nerker

Thank You Shawn for being a Sainte. Rest in peace Normie knowing you were loved so dearly and so deeply.


Hugs Shawn. You gave Norm a wonderful home, and it sounds as if he gave so much back. It's always heartbreaking to lose one of our best friends.


Big hugs from my heart to yours Shawn......I'm sure you're keeping your other 2 pups close tonight....Norm was a sweet boy, and he could not have been loved more by any other heart.....I love your tribute to him... Thank you

shelagh f

I am so sorry Shawn, I didn't know Norm, but I know how much it
hurts when we loose a good friend.


I'm very sorry Shawn. How lucky you both were to have found each other. I knew you had him for a few years, but it's never long enough is it.