Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2016

new cat in...lucy is a senior, hyperthyroid cat with severe dental disease..despite all that..she is lovely!
eddie had his neurology recheck..cleared to go back to his foster home,,yay eddie spinal surgery was a success!
clemantine's blood work is back..some liver and kidney issues but not too extreme yet. we will get some weight on her and hopefully do her dental soon.
charlotte finally grew back enough of the broken hoof toe for the vet to remove the broken bit today. hopefully now her foot will feel better.
summer had the fluid drained from her arthritic knee again.
cindy is hanging in..not happy yet but since she is eating and drinking on her own, she can safely take her time.

there are a couple more sick old cats coming in..will introduce them when they arrive.



That's such good news Shelagh....a happy family reunion...thanks for the update..Eddie is a sweet boy, and I love his shuffle walk..."shuffle and fro..."

shelagh f

Eddie was over the moon to see his family again. He will not be
couch surfing any more, but that's ok. he wouldn't eat for me this
afternoon, but once he got home, he ate and layed in his bed and
fell asleep. thanks to the doctors at the boundary bay clinic and
everyone who donated to Eddies fund. He and his family say
thank you. I really didn't think he would recover, but except for
a bit of weakness in one leg, he is pretty good. He is still to take it
easy for some time, but he has a new lease on life.