Rescue Journal

in the blink of an eye, you can lose a life...

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2016

tonight we came close but luck was with us.
the staff left at 5:15 after checking that everyone was settled and ok.
i got home at 6:15 and made several really quick decisions..
A. i was hungry and was actually going to cook myself a nice dinner.
B. while dinner was cooking i was going to take the dogs for a run and check on the barn guys.
C. i needed to pee before going out of the house.

on my way to the bathroom..i stopped to say hi to cindy and make sure was ok...(she is still in a transition cage)
as soon as i entered the room, i found myrna flat out on the floor, eyes dilated/glazed and barely breathing.
myrna has diabetes, cancer and is palliative...hypoglycemia? hemorrhage? stroke?, massive seizure?

the possibilities ran thru my mind as i ran to the kitchen for the corn syrup...15 mls later..myrna still can't move but her breathing is better, her eyes are focused and she started to purr. 15 mls more and she gets up and staggers to the canned food bowls and voraciously starts gobbling it down. 15 minutes later myrna is settled into a cage with a full bowl of high quality canned turkey.

hypoglycemia reversed...and she shall live to see another day.

never take life for granted..if i had been late getting home from work..if i had taken the dogs and gone out to the barn first...if i didn't have to pee....myrna would have ceased living.

love you myrna and thank you to whatever powers there be that orchestrated my return home tonight so perfectly.



I had that happen a few times.

Got home once and on my way to the bathroom, I noticed a long haired bunny of mine choking. He somehow had a twisted rope like strand of hair still attached to him that he had he was choking and couldn't breathe. Had I not been there that sec to pull it out of his throat, he would have died.

Another bun a few weeks ago ate a treat and as I was on my way out, he was wiping at his face. I saw it out if the corner of my eye, went back and he was indeed choking.
We made it to the ER just in time as he was starting to pass out in the car.

It can all be gone in just a second and its scarey when you realize just how quick it can be.


Everything happens for a reason. Love you Myrna.
Yay Carol and her tiny bladder!