Rescue Journal

feeding the sick

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2016

both decca and laddie came in here in terrible shape. both severely dehydrated, emaciated from end stage renal disease. laddie is still with us, sadly decca is not. you never know if giving it your all is going to be enough..sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. all you can do is hope and try.

still, in the end, like decca, laddie will die. maybe not today or tomorrow and we may delay the inevitable for a little while but there is no curing kidneys that are totally fried.

laddie won't be with us for much longer either so every day is a gift. the past few days tho have been a real bugger trying to get him to eat. i think we were on day three of "laddie won't eat." i have been getting increasingly worried. everyone was trying everything but nothing was interesting him.

i went out and bought andy some ice cream sandwiches this afternoon (andy LOVES them.) i offerred one to laddie, he sniffed and said "no thx, not interested". andy said "what? are you crazy??! those things are yummy!!"
but not to laddie. laddie just did not want to eat.

honestly, what dog turns down an ice cream sandwich?


yet hope always floats til it sinks. tonight finally some success....three scrambled eggs followed by mashed potatoes and i snuck some chicken in the potatoes too! yay laddie! atta boy!! he ate 2 decent sized bowls full of food!
his taste buds are working so good tonight, he decided he wanted some of my dinner for dessert..until it hit his mouth, then.. splat.. it hit the floor.
he was could i possibly eat that kind of stuff?!

ha ha already ate all the good stuff, there was just some watermelon left for dinner for me.

apparently watermelon sucks.
whatever, i thought it was tasty and andy is sure his ice cream sandwiches are great. to each his own...tonight laddie likes eggs and mashed potatoes.

now if we can just get boots eating on her own again, i will be temporarily somewhat happy.
such a challenge somedays in feeding the sick ones.
such a simple yet critical thing.



Laddie was so great on Saturday in the barn! Followed us around and when you bend down to pet him he just puts his head in your lap. He was begging for my egg salad sandwich that Mo made, but then he spit it out when I gave it to him. He is such a gentle soul.