Rescue Journal

attila the oreo.

Carol  ·  Jul. 24, 2016

oreo is an ass.

he is seriously looking like a homeless ragamuffin..his coat dirty, overgrown and unkempt.

i don't even know if he can currently see anything, his bangs are so long.

unfortunately if you try to do anything to improve his personal grooming..he turns into a vicious, dickheaded fighting machine.
just let that damn dog see a brush in your hand and he will go after you over and over again.
and he will stay mad at you for 2 or 3 days post seeing that brush.

sigh..normally it is not an issue with these kind of dogs (ahem..andy and oscar the grouch!)
we sedate them and send them to the clinic for further sedation that knocks them right out. there they get a bath and a shave down while they are unconscious.
its a pain but its safe.

i suspect oreo is even worse than the other 2 asses..i think his ass-ness is way up there with odie.

we need to pay down the vet bill significantly before i send oreo in.

ya really can't ask someone you owe a ton of money to, to do you a really huge favor, like grooming attila the oreo.
it just wouldn't be fair.


cathie k

Sheila:I would love to have Andy host the third table and also Decca host the fourth table... Sorry, I lost your e-Mail address.. Only if this is okay with others... Cathie. K.


I love Oreo...he has this little hippity hop to his gate that reminds me of that little cartoon bird that hopped every 3rd step. When he gets the zoomies at the heart smiles. My face will smile when he eventually gets groomed.


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Who would have thought that Oreo would have a beast mode? Tell him we setup a permanent grooming station today just for him!


Attila the Oreo.....great name. Wow in a class with Odie that's not a list you want to many of our guys on.....but they always have that sweet side that usually makes up for it......we hope:-)