All Animals Sponsored for W4W10

Sheila  ·  Jul. 28, 2016

Wow thanks everyone for sponsoring aLL the animals. You made it easy for me.

Now I just need

1 silent auction items
2 All tables sponsored
3 tickets need to be sold

It will happen.




Hi Ann If you leave the item in the shop (on the table with the volunteer book) I can pick it up. Thanks Sheila


Interesting. I know when I put a post on here it wasn't showing up. Hopefully it does now, will soon find out :-)

Yay it works now!


Hi Sheila. I have an auction item made by a local artist if it's needed. It's value is $65. Picture attached.


Fiona for some reason your emails were landing in the spam files. I just found them now. I caught your payment on PayPal yesterday and contacted the person who wanted to sponsor Oreo. She picked someone else and everything is fine.


Hi Sheila, I see that Oreo (dog) was sponsored by someone else so you can put my money towards any animal that needs it. I did take the three horses too, sent money yesterday thru paypal.

Cathie K.

Sheila. I sponsor all five sheep,Plus Dee-Dee the Liama... Thanks, Cathie k

Sheryl Riley

I would like to sponsor Joy, please, if she is not already sponsored.