Rescue Journal

sad week for past saints

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2016

ewok has been palliative for quite a while now and tonight jamie had to help her make her final journey. ewok was very lucky to find such a great home at the end of her life. she was truly well loved. RIP ewok, and huge hugs to jamie and darryl.

this weeks losses also included

chyna...a lovely and sweet sharpei who came into saints with a severe skin issue. robert and family gave her the home of her dreams and we are deeply grateful to them for this. RIP chyna and our deepest condolences to your family.

bob, aka moose was a gentle giant of a dog who totally lucked out when he met kim and her family. he finished his life surrounded by love and care. RIP bob, you left a gentle giant hole in the heart of your family.

tina fey was an adorable senior daxi who found her own true family to love and cherish her til the end of her life. RIP tina and hugs to you family who are missing you so much.

i need to add little zoey to our list of past saints lost this past week. zoey came in as doughy and she was helped to pass at the vets with her foster mom on saturday. zoey had a blast bossing her mom around for the last bit of her in peace zoey, hugs to susan who loved her so.

and thankfully not lost but sadly, traumatized and injured...
please send kind thoughts to our saints volunteer coordinator nicole and her senior golden retriever. they both sustained severe injuries by a neighbors dog. we all send big hugs and truly hope you are both feeling much better soon!


Lynne arnason

I am so sorry for all the losses Jamie a special hug to you I'm so sorry about ewok


Awe, sad to hear about so many Saints passing. Bob ( Moose) and I sponsored Ewok, so I always had a soft spot for her. Hoping a speedy recovery to you Nicole and your Goldie.


Oh no, zoey too? I didn't know her for long but I'm very sorry to hear that. Thank you Susan for giving her such a great life even for just a little while.

shelagh f

sending good wishes to all the foster families, they were all lucky
to have people who cared for them, and gave them a good ending.
Speedy recovery to Nicole and her dog, must have been a scary

Carol A.

Too many losses in one short week. Sending hugs to everyone.
Heal fast Nicole and I hope your pup heals quickly too.

Lenore Henry

My condolences to all the families who have lost their beloved Saints.

Thinking of you Nicole and your Golden and hope you both will be feeling better soon.


Wow, what a week. Deepest sympathies to all our wonderful Saints fosters who lost a loved one. Bob (Moose) was a favorite of mine when he was at Saints. So sorry Jamie - Ewok was a sweetie, too.

Think I saw the incident with Nicole & her dog on CTV news, or was that a similar story? Hope you're both on the mend, Nicole!


Oh no! I am sorry to all. I remember Tina Fey and Chyna, and of course Bob.
Oh Jamie. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Ewok. I have no words.

alyson nerker

Rest in Peace to all our departed Saints. Nicole, I wish you and yours a Super Speedy recovery. Hugs to all