Rescue Journal

another saint has passed

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2016

jamie's lacey died suddenly and unexpectedly, most likely from a heart attack.
lacey ended her life in comfort, surrounded by love.
lacey is in peace.
jamie is not...for now. but she will again one day also be at peace.

all of our past saints who have died in the past few weeks, have left their loved ones behind, feeling helpless and lost.
volunteers/staff anne, lynne and jamie all lost rescued dogs in this past heartbreaking week.

but here is the thing....

the numbers of senior and special needs animals...the numbers of all domestic animals trying to survive in an uncaring, thoughtless, sometimes really cruel world is shameful.
it is a reflection of the worst traits of our species.

but there are those who walk among us, willing to take the hit of a broken heart. not because they like shedding tears but because they can wipe away the tears of other broken hearts.

it takes a lot of strength and selflessness to know that taking one of the broken souls home will mean 2 things.....
you will love someone briefly, and it will hurt deeply when they go.

to all of our saints fosters who laugh, love and weep...know that the animals are grateful for not only your loving care, but for your strength to withstand your inevitable grief.



Very eloquently said. Hugs to all you Saints and supporters who have lost one of our own in the last few weeks. It never gets easy.


Just read the blog....still out of very sorry Jamie to hear of yet another loss for your heart.....hugs to you

alyson nerker

It's been a truly sad week at Saints but the hope and love we share are our strengths. Not to forget the Hugs.

Lenore Henry

I am so very sorry for your loss Jamie - rest in peace Lacey.

Linda Ciccozzi

So sorry for your loss Jamie😔Remember you have the support of many for all,you do for your animals. 🐾💕


Lacey, I adored you and you could not have found a better home and family. So sorry Jamie.


Oh Jamie, so sorry. As others have said before, words seem so inadequate at times like these. Know that we all feel the heartbreak you and the others who lost beloved animals this week are feeling.