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new cat in

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2016

she was adopted out by a local rescue to a home that declawed her and then years later, decided to move and not take her. luckily she had an old friend who used to rent the basement suite. he asked the original rescue to take her but they said they did not have space for her so he came here.

missy is 15 years old and currently a little bit upset but she is a lovely and very sweet chubby cat.
it totally sucks to be a declawed, disposable, unwanted, senior cat.

we have her.
and she will now and forever be a much loved and very precious saints cat.

welcome missy.



Good Lord I hope the folks that abandoned Missy never find themselves needing any help when they get old.


I would like to sponsor Missy for the W4W if she's not already sponsored.

Please let me know. Thanks



I also take issue with veterinarians who undertake the declawing. Thankfully, many are no longer providing this "service".


My friends cat is declawed :( She adopted him that way.Poor Sawyer :(