Rescue Journal

AGM at saints today 1230

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2016

i have been working hard on getting resource binders ready..we now have a emergency evacuation plan (thx wade!), a transition plan and written job descriptions.
hence the lack of blogging..sorry.

quick updates
3 new cats in...
ricki is a senior unclaimed skinny stray fending for herself on the streets.
simba and squirt are 8/9 yr old, very shy cats surrendered to the spca when their elderly owner could no longer care for them.

eddie is going out to foster with brenda today...yay eddie and brenda!
blood work back on missy...worrisome but not conclusive..maybe an underlying cancer. however, she has made the transition to saints well. so we have time to wait and see.
nothing too concerning for squishtopher, needs her thyroid meds increased.
boomer is cleared for his knee repair surgery next week.

we are dealing ok with the and air conditioners running full speed.

i have to work a few overtime hours this morning but will be back to saints in time for the meeting.


Lenore Henry

Congratulations again Brenda - I am sure Trooper will fit in just let the spoiling begin!


That's wonderful news Shelagh.....amazing

I was so excited and happy to bring Eddie home today. He is such a doll. We have a 12 yr. old puppy in the house now. After meeting Lois, and Tinker and Truffles, and investigating the backyard and deck, he came in the house to further his investigations. He discovered a toy box that he had a great time rooting in....and found a treasure...a squeaky ball that he had a fun time throwing around by himself, and chasing it. Hilarious. He is now sleeping and snoring on the livingroom floor. I think he is settling in well.
Oh, Eddie is now "Trooper"..... We changed his name...something Shelagh said about him being a good lil trooper stuck with us. We all love him.. Welcome home Trooper!!

shelagh f

another kind of update Nicholas and Serene made the Squamish 50
race in 15 hr 43 min, can you imagine? Great work and so kind to
raise money for Saints