Rescue Journal

leo passed away

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2016

”my cat is pissing all over my new rented house and if you can’t take him, i am putting him down today"

that was leo's "need rescuing" phone call back in may...

i should have let her put him down.

except i didn't know he was heading towards a highly aggressive lymphoma and i didn't know he would die homeless.

oh..that is a lie. i did know he would die one adopts pissing cats.

i just hoped he would be here longer, not just a few months. i hoped that we would be his home and he would be ok with that.

leo laid on the clinic table with his chin on my arm. he purred as i gently stroked and kissed him, reassuring him that he was loved.

but in my head i was thinking, this is so grossly unfair.

such a sweet and loving cat and this was his end?

another shelter statistic with no family to hold him as he took his last breaths.

rest in peace leo, you were a good cat...



Wow... Talk about putting a gun to your head to save their cat. Glad you did all you could for him.

alyson nerker

Saints was his family and home. Rest in Peace Leo, Rest in peace.

Lenore Henry

Rest in peace Leo - thank you Carol for taking him under your wing and being with him at the end.....


Leo you were such a great boy! You were so helpfull when I was cleaning your home. I looked forward to our breakfast and lunch routine of loving and head butting. I loved you and will really miss you Leo.


This is why I need to avoid the blog at work. Leo was a great cat. Loved to be held and petted. Going to miss his greetings.