Rescue Journal

damn dogs...

Carol  ·  Aug. 26, 2016

its bad enough that they amuse themselves periodically digging my grave but honestly it crosses the line when they actively try to hurt me.

those damn digging bastards have injured me!

it started out innocently enough...being kind and considerate to boomer. he had his knee surgery today and tonight he needed to go out to pee.
so i popped a leash on under his cone, let him out of the xpen and took him out into the yard. the problem tho was boomer is a shy pee'r he needed to move further away from the house so i had to follow, right into a fucking hole.
i don't fall lightly, i am not all feathery and graceful. i fall straight and hard right down like a goddamn ancient tree.

luckily i missed boomer but hit pretty much all of the most arthritic parts of me. even the dogs were somewhat stunned at the success of their newest hole..they all ran with great concern and surrounded me. on a normal day it is hard enough for me to get up from the ground, let alone with traumatized back, shoulders, wrists and knees...add a pack of overly concerned dogs milling and bumping you around further and it became almost an impossible feat.

obviously i did make it to upright but it was neither painless nor easy!

the worst part of the whole freaking thing is (besides how sore i am going to be in the morning)...those dogs haven't a clue that their damn freaking hole almost killed me.

they just think i am some kind of humaniod klutz who can't freaking walk without falling.



Maybe the dogs were doing an experiment. If a Carol falls in the field does anybody hear? :-)

Carol A.

too... too... Funny! I hope Boomer did his business and didnt haxe to make a second trip!


You do have a way with words......glad you didn't break of those hats with a light on the front would be helpful too


So sorry you got hurt, Carol - and hope you feel better soon. But honestly, that post had me laughing out loud!!


I haven't laughed that much all week. Sorry but I love the way you write the stories. Hope you are okay.