Rescue Journal

" we are just heartless, compassion-less assholes who rescue"

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2016

my quote..i said it today. not to anyone in particular but

honestly...sometimes i can only shake my head at some of the shit that comes over the internet.
anyway it gave dawn a chuckle when my inside voice decided to out itself today.

whatever. my knee and ankle hurts. damn dogs, put me in not much of a warm and fuzzy, politically rescue correct mood.

however..speaking of assholes who rescue...
a couple of things...

firstly newbies squirt and simba were lucky enough to get doughie's (RIP) rescue foster spot today.
i thought susan wasn't coming for them until tomorrow but she decided today was the day. i am so HAPPY that these two very shy and traumatized cats no longer have to be in a shelter..they have a real and wonderful home of their own!

secondly..even assholes sometimes need favors.
we have 2 new incoming llama's arriving and we do not have a place for them to sleep. so i went out and bought a very sturdy portable garage tent thing to set up as a new llama barn. it is being delivered on monday but holy smoke batman..i can't put that thing together, it looks heavy and complicated to me!!! i need some super hero help!!!
i am hoping for a few good men (and/or women) to come here next weekend and get that sucker set up.
anyone know anyone or can call in a few extra favors???

thirdly...i won't be helping to set it up. A. i am old B. i am crippled (damn dogs) and C. oh my god please shoot me in the head because this compassion-less asshole said yes to a 1 and a half year old blind and deaf, barely no longer a puppy, border collie who also arrives next weekend. therefore i will be busy....either settling the dog or killing myself, whichever ends up being easier for me.

did i mention that i am also getting lazy?



the boys are lucky that you have so much patience for them while they figure things out.


Update on Squire (Squirt) & Zimba (Simba)
We are turning a corner. Both of them have come out to be petted and scratched and I have heard both purr. Squire did a back and forth dance toward me and talking to me while deciding when he would sneak in for the pets. He likes to play. Zimba (zulu warrior wanna be! ) will listen to me and follow me with his eyes without hissing at me now. He is no longer looking angry about where he finds himself. When he does not want to interact he hides his head.
These 2 are definitely in the 'Private Investigator" category. Carol, do you still have that article? They prefer to love from afar and they are the ones who determine when they come to interact.
They are both handsome and regal guys. They are getting used to being here. and I am finding Squire prefers treats, Zimba likes the catnip. Squire prefers the dry food and Zimba the wet food. And they both need 'safe' spots.


Now that made me laugh Arnie.....agreed
You're as hilarious as Carol..


Carol, seriously, lazy????
I was so confused by that lazy comment I realized that I must not have a correct understanding of the word. So I looked up what Merriam-Webster says "Lazy" means. And I realized that you were referring to definition #4 because of the dogs putting you on your side yesterday.

Full Definition of lazy

1 a : disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous
b : encouraging inactivity or indolence <a>

2: moving slowly : sluggish

3: droopy, lax </a><a>

4: placed on its side

5: not rigorous or strict </a>