Rescue Journal

they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2016

i say screw good intentions just do a good job.

i have been thinking about saints a lot lately..what was i thinking when i was starting down this path?

i think i was thinking that everyone, even animals, deserve a home that fits them.

old animals, wrecked animals, animals that are kind of a pain in the ass...homely animals, disabled animals, homeless animals..the ones that nobody wants.

misfits. our saints are misfits..they are square pegs in round holes, they are mighty souls too big for the average person's pretty pet box.

and i adore them.

fritz lost his home because A. he sprayed all over his house and neighbors gardens and B. he was a dickhead that struck out at whoever he deemed dumb enough to cross his path. he was universally pretty unpopular in his old hood. he has been here a couple of years now and is one of my favorite cats. i respect fritz's right to spray urine where ever he wants to. i also respect his right to whack at people if they make him angry. one day quite a long while ago i caught a volunteer spraying fritz with a spray bottle. i asked her why she was doing that and she said fritz kept whacking her in the head when she was trying to clean. i explained that we don't spray our cats if they whack us but we can keep our heads out of their reach and please take home the spray bottle.
i think fritz really appreciated my coming to his defence, his home, his rules....he has never whacked me since.
tonight he is laying in his bed on the dryer and i bent down and kissed his head. he purred and rubbed his face against mine, safe in the knowledge that we are good friends.

its easy to rescue the ones who can find homes in the blink of an eye. its easy to ship 100 terrified dogs a thousand miles and sell them inside an airplane hanger with news crews and the public hailing the hero's. it's easy to turn a blind eye to the animal "losers" needing rescue...winning animals are way more warm and fuzzy fun.

yeah, it is not so easy to rescue the annoying, the dirty, the homely, the pissed off or slightly insane. but i am here to tell you..they are the very best animals anywhere once you get to know and love them.

saints is here for the misfits... a place they fit, a place they belong.

AND in spite of having the very best of intentions, we also actually do a very good job.



Fritz is a sweetie, he pat's me gently on my head when he's hungry. Such a funny and sweet cat!