Rescue Journal

double losses today.

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2016

miami's pharyngeal tumor started occluding her airway...erin was with her and said she passed very peacefully away.

lucy was found first thing this morning paralyzed on the floor. she was rushed to the vet, the xrays were inconclusicve..either a sudden cervical herniated disc or a cervical spinal tumor, difficult to tell for sure which one. lucy went into respiratory distress a short time later while still at the vets and was humanely euthanized.

rest in peace miami and lucy, you were both very lovely and sweet cats.

thank you as always to colleen and staff at hillndale for your kindness and care for our 2 little old sweet in crises cats.


Laura B

With us such a short time......Two sweet cats.....RIP Miami and Lucy


Didn't know Lucy, but Miami was a dear, sweet little cat. So sorry to hear about both losses. So many lately. RIP little ones, you will be missed.