Rescue Journal

Llama tent !!!

Ali  ·  Sep. 4, 2016

Thank you to Ed, Lenore, Owen, Tammy, Cheryl, and Wes who came to Shawn and Kevin's today to help us put up the temporary home of SAINTS foster Llamas. Fantastic group effort.
Carol was so confident in our abilites that she came over on her lunch to make sure we didn't F things up :)




Don't worry Lenore, breaking down boxes is a time learned skill. I've got 20+ years experience. It will come to you, patience.

Lenore Henry

You forgot to mention our efforts breaking down the boxes Tammy 😉😉.....


No problem. It was like an old fashion barn raising. The men seemed to do all the work while all the ladies stood around watering them and talking.
Glad I could give the moral support.


great job guys! and hey, i am a visual person..i had to see it happening with my very own eyes!!