Rescue Journal

Squish hits the jackpot

Ali  ·  Sep. 5, 2016

submitted by SAINTS staff member Erinimage

In August 2015 Squishtopher found herself homeless. Her person had passed away, she had nowhere else to go, until SAINTS agreed to take her in. She had a mouthful of rotten teeth, needed thyroid medication, and pain control for her arthritis. Feeling much better, Squish lived at the sanctuary until yesterday, when she finally moved into her forever home, with me and my family :)
Welcome home Squish!


Lenore Henry

A year at Saints and the rest of her life with you and your family - how lucky can she get! Hope Addie and her become the best of friends.


Yay, Erin and tribe!! Squishtopher is a lovely kitty and will be in heaven now.


Erin, your family is amazing....always making room for more love...Squishtopher is a very lucky girl.

shelagh f

that is great news! She is a lovely cat, she was a bit moth
eaten looking when she came in, and I haven't seen her for
a while, but such a nice cat. Just goes to show you can't
judge a book by its cover. There are so many great cats at
Saints, it would be hard to find one on a quick visit.
Hope Addie will welcome her, and be mindful that she
needs to be shown some respect. Would be nice to feature
a cat every couple of days to showcase some of the ones
who don't get much written about because they are GOOD.
You have lots of spare time, right?