Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2016

headache, day 2. yuck.

between working overtime, and the usual and sometimes unusual stress of rescue...i think my head is protesting. i got the message so now it should stop.

little elvis however is having a tougher time than i am. he had his dental/xrays/scoping yesterday and is feeling crappy.
he is so tiny, so frail, so brittle in so many ways, i am in awe of his strength.
sweet boy, hope floats today he feels better.

he is on antibiotics for at least the next three weeks, the abscesses from his teeth, went right into his sinus cavities. he finally stopped vomiting around 3 am this morning, i tried him with a spoonful of soupy gastro food at 6 am but still a no go.

new cat in...stray cat with a tail injury. his tattoo is a dead end. the clinic staff named him remus, it is a good name.
squish went home with erin as a permanent foster, yay squish.

there is a bunch of new incoming...
2 old chi's whose owner sadly passed away, luckily they have found a permanent foster home already. both need dentals and one has bladder stones and a seizure condition. we will get them into the vets for tuneups as soon as we can.
old toothless unclaimed stray yorkie...apparently she bites and is terrified of men.
i think i said yes to a cat but i can't remember which one..maybe it will come back to me when my headache goes.
there are a couple of others coming in soon but not today.



Hope you feel better too Carol! How very sad that someone can just "throw away" any old sick animal, let alone a tiny little yorkie.....😟

Carol A.

I hope little Elvis feels better today. It took our new to us ancient shih tzu , Daisy a week before she was eating again post dental. having the last of her rotten teeth pulled. between feeding her gruel and gastro, and subcu fluids, antibiotics and pain meds! she was one sorry looking girl! She dropped a half kilo of her five k and just skin and bones. Back to eating and bossing everyone again but still skinny!
sorry your head hurts too! have fun with all the newbies!