Rescue Journal

the candy shop.

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2016

i am amazed every day over what we have accomplished in the past dozen years.
we have stayed true to our values, we have lived our beliefs,
we have done what we said we would do in rescue.

and it has not been enough.

too many animals continue to need us.

we have all ten fingers and toes plugging the holes in the dam of unwanted, out of options, senior and special needs animals. and the dam keeps leaking past us the animals we simply can't save.
to keep our sanity we repeat over and over.."we can't save them all." we tell ourselves that one life saved has made life better for at least one more.

but it is still not enough.

and the problem is not them.
we can save a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand more. and millions upon millions will still be ignored.

the problem is not that they are disposable. nor that breeding continues out of control.
the problem is that we value ourselves more than others.

we are the top of the food chain. we have the right to consume, to use, to swallow the entirety of this world. it's ours. we own it. and we own everything in it that we can grab hold of with our hands.
but like spoiled, over indulged children, we don't care for what we own very well. things hold our interest for a brief time until something newer, better crosses our path.

its not the animals who need saving, it is we who are lost.
our souls are starving to death in the candy shop.


Lynne arnason

You r so right we have to be the most selfish and uncaring species on earth what we r doing to our planet each other and the animals that we should be co existing with is unconshionable. We will destroy this planet


It seems a lot of people feel entitled without giving back or at least doing the right thing. It scares me sometimes.