Rescue Journal

note to all volunteers

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2016

there are currently 4 new anxious dogs this week that are still anxious flight risks...tink, casey and this morning newbies zen and daisy. only the staff are to deal with these dogs until they settle..they are not to be let outside unless staff are with them.
also laddie is not well...he is only to be out in the yard for very quick pee breaks and then right back to bed.
boomer is still on confinement restrictions..he is in june and crew room but he is not to be bombing around outside..supervised pee breaks only then he too right back to bed.

not everyone reads the blog so please make sure everyone working here today is aware.



I agree with you Carol as I was jonesing to find Spencer in the house (thought he was hiding in the run somewhere), util Andrea informed me of his new location. Whew


Had a good snuggle with Boomer on the floor after I was done in the barn ❤️ I've never seen him so cuddly!!


always best when new animals are here to wait until staff or senior volunteers arrive before letting them out of where i have left them. this is even true of known animals if found somewhere else than where they usually like in an xpen, confined area or crate. always best to double check.

alyson nerker

I never saw this. Was already on my way in. I was first in and let the kitchen kids out, incl Tink. I was with them while they were in the yard. Just so you know, she was fine. She didn't try to go AWOL. She roamed around with everyone else, and headed back in afterwards.

Lynne arnason

Thanks for letting us know hope they settle soon I forgot to ask if you had heard about tux and his slipped disc and paralysis he is getting a little bit of feeling back after his operation