Rescue Journal

see you later maybe tonight!

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2016

i was not feeling well the other night....took a gravol at midnight woke up at 9 when the staff arrived..looked like a poop bomb went off in here during the night. i ran for the cottage, washed a fairly spotless floor and watched super hero movies.
came home just before dark, took the dogs for a run, took another gravol cuz i still felt queasy, woke up at 0830 this morning and cleaned up all the night poop before it exploded everywhere.

moral of the story is poop explodes in a specific 30 minute time zone so wake up before then and all will be good.


big fancy gala tonight..oh what will i wear?
sheila is making me speak again so what will i say?
and are the damn dogs gonna be wrecking the joint while i am away?

such stress, such worries..and such is the reality of our most effective fundraiser day.

the good news i get to see and meet so many people who truly care for our broken crew,
so many kind and generous hearts who are the reason we can do what we do.

worries aside, i am looking forward to being with our animal's guardian village as we gather together tonight.
see you soon!