Rescue Journal

todays adoptions...

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2016

spencer and mick jagger have found a great home together. they did try to hide when the crates came in, but we convinced them that this was truly one of the best days of their lives!
good luck boys..have the very best rest of life ever..i bet your mom is looking down and smiling!



Not related to this post but,

Just Wondering if anyone picked up the sponsor card for Jet (cat) from the Gala?




Good to hear. Didn't really know Mick, was hoping Spencer would get a good home.

Laura B

What absolutely fabulous news!!!
2 cool cats.... so glad their new life starts together😊


Best news ever.
Both boys are absolutely wonderful. Not only will they be happy once they settle, but their new humans have 10- 15 years of absolute joy and adventure.