Rescue Journal

Post W4W

Sheila  ·  Sep. 18, 2016


Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, bought an auction item, purchased a ribbon, sponsored a table, sponsored an animal, and donated a silent auction item.

Thank you also to Allie for making the delicious cupcakes, Owen, Lenore, Priscilla, Shelagh, Ann, and Zoe for coming down to help set up. Thank you to Nicole M and Meghann for looking after the processing of tickets and end of night purchases. And thank you Leila who designed the animal sponsorship cards, table sponsorship cards, and looks after the floral arrangements. She does this every year and comes up with a different design every year.

And I apologize to anyone I was snarky to. This year I was so behind in doing things that the stress bubbled up into my outside voice sometimes.

We raised $42,575 last night. That netted us $33,255. Our vets will be very happy.


Anne Seward

It is a huge effort every year. Congrats to you Sheila and all the rest who put in the time. What a great event.


Wonderful evening, Sheila - you did a fantastic job as always. Thanks to everyone who helped.

shelagh f

thanks also, to the weather people, so it wasn't raining for the
trip in and back in the evening. boy, it was "just pissing" earlier in the day.
great work everyone and thanks to all the generous donors


Oh, that's such great was a wonderful night for some very special animals and I'm ever so grateful to be a small part of Saints.