Rescue Journal

thank you to sheila

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2016

and everyone else who helped make the gala another success!
that takes the pressure off for a while, we will clear up the outstanding vet bills and forge ahead!

oh and we had the start of a dryer fire today..thank god andrea saw it smoking. i have decided no more donated used appliances, it is just not worth the risk. luckily due to last nights fundraiser, we can pick up an el cheapo brand new one tomorrow, tammy is on it for us..huge thx!!!

oreo and zen had a wee bit of a scrap. i was right there and able to intervene immediately so no blood shed but oreo must have pulled something because he was sore afterwards. i got some meds into him and he spent the afternoon resting and now seems like he is good as new...for a 15 yr old dog that is! ali told me that oreo was more than fascinated by zen so maybe zen got tired of oreo in his face. zen was good tho, listened immediately when i told him to back off and left oreo alone even with oreo pitching an hysterical how dare you fit.

daisy is really not happy about strangers looking at her. i told everyone, turn around and don't look at her. she is going to need some time and space to get used to all of the people here. she will get there faster if folks ignore her and let her decide when she wants to know folks better.

our volunteer val is going to be taking missy-bailey home as a saints foster for the time she has left. yay bailey and val...her end of life will be filled with family love and a home!

i lost TWO pillows to miss perfect pepper potts today...arghh.

the my damn dogs keep barking because people are daring to use the school yard next to us..apparently even tho they are never allowed over there..they think that field is theirs!
i guess i better go take them for a run in our actual fields so they remember what is our space and what is not.
sigh..i already had a nice hot bath and put my pj's on...they better not get me all wet and we stay far away from the pond!


yvette labatte

He is a really good dog for those of us who love his looks and his quirky personality..

Lenore Henry

I think the feeling is mutual for Zen - he looked right at home sitting on your lap today 😉...


Good day today.
I think I'm falling for Zen, nice dog. Handsome. Loved it when he became a lap dog today.