Rescue Journal

"rescued" animals don't get a choice.

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2016

erin has been bugging me because...
"how come oscar gets his own tv and diesel doesn't?"

because life is not fair. because it sucks to be a homeless dog..(and a "have to live alone" psychopath.)
sigh...i did not get him a tv.
bad me.

so today i got him one.
nothing fancy..just a 19 inch $98 tv and a $28 dvd player but i also bought him a $5 teenage mutant ninja turtle movie!
i bet that is exactly diesel's cup of tea movie!

so here is what makes me sad...

our old and wrecked (and sometimes psychotic) dogs get couches, and chairs..they get tv's and movies.
they get fresh food and water and clean beds and blankets every single day of the week, they get their floors washed and lots of toys. plus they get medical care whenever needed. they get cuddles and snuggles and go for nice walks or they get to run like maniacs and zoom around the muddy pond.

and then there are 'RESCUED" dogs stuck in filthy crates. scalded by their own urine, living in diarrhea because the food is too rich? or they have worms? or they are old and wrecked dogs so who expects they could live better?? were not these things the rescue's excuses i heard on TV?
i saw on the news as the camera showed the now empty (but still dirty) crates with a fresh layer of straw in the bottom, are those sad, dirty cells now ready and waiting for those old and wrecked and "nobody wants" dogs to return?
or are they waiting for new old, wrecked, suffering prisoners to replace the ones who were actually saved by the spca?

i am telling you it breaks my heart.

there are two paths to rescue...
one is paved with responsible and compassionate care and the other is paved with delusions that suffering disappears with "rescue."

and the saddest part is.....whatever road the vulnerable homeless end up on...they have no choice.
dear god in heaven..please keep unwanted and discarded animals safe from the dark side of "rescue."



Oscar loves The Sound of Music. He will be tickled pink when we put it on.


I might have something to do with the quieting of the sound of music with Oscar of course


Don't remind Tammy, Curt!! It's been SO NICE not hearing The Sound of Music filtering through the wall into the bunny room!!! Diesel would probably be even more grumpy if he was exposed to it. Sorry Tammy!


Kudos Helga, THAT is so fitting for him

And, yes I agree with Carol & Shelagh on the "so called rescues"

I think that Tammy is Jonesing to hear The Sound Of Music echoing through the MP building (it has been awhile). Surprised that you have made it this long :=)

shelagh f

but seriously, I hope none of these animals go back to that
"rescue", hopefully they will all be able to move on, and have
a better quality of life somewhere else. Bravo to the person
who reported her to the spca.


I think Scarface or The Godfather is more Diesel's style in movies.....but maybe The Sound of Music will bring out his softer side Tammy...😊


So glad to be part of the "bright" side of rescue......thanks Carol......and Tammy, you are hilarious.


Diesel is so going to love The Sound of Music and Grease.
These are a few of my favorite things.