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welcome to the hotel animaloldia

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2016

so we have 3 new old wrecked newbies heading old wrecked bichonx, an old wrecked colliex, and an old wrecked rottix...that puts us up to our maximum intakes for awhile.
i wish our space was limitless but sadly it is not.

having said that our newest already here deserve an up date...
zen is great, still a freak if i am gone from him too long but otherwise doing well. zen already has a home waiting for him, he is most likely going to be adopted by saatchi's foster family. they have visited him a couple of times now and it looks like a match made in heaven. zen's little lonely heart is about to be overflowing with incoming love. i told him i will miss him but saints is sometimes just a stepping stone to the real happiness of having a real life, committed family out there. we still need to get him vet checked and i want another week with him to ensure i am not missing any important parts, but i think i have pretty much the basics to his intense little dog with a shit load of love just waiting to spill out.

daisy..well daisy. a wee bit of a problem child..not hugely so but she will be an ongoing work of art.
daisy has a few strikes against...started out as a feral pup, basically has grown up in rescue...great socialization with dogs but with humans not so much. she loves and trusts those that she knows but unknowns are a possible threat and are treated as such. yesterday she got in a couple of clips on a couple of our saints folks before i figured her out. apparently if i am right there beside them and obviously approve of their presence, she will then keep her distance and leave them alone. it is a bit stressful for me to ensure i have properly sanctioned each human being to her satisfaction but today it all went very well. the other downside is her breed...she is a good part marenmara or breeds. a guardian breed who views humans as the enemy, is not a great thing. comes naturally to these breeds so i don't see why i can't change her thinking to humans also need don't fucking bite them daisy!!!
we are working on it and she is such a good dog with a very good heart and head..i am sure we will get there. she has as much possibility and potential as luna did and luna is now a thousand times better than when she got here. and while luna is still somewhat shy of strangers and avoids them at all cost...she keeps her teeth to herself...such a good dog! hopefully i will be saying that about daisy too one day soon.

caishen has fit in well with her group of dogs, she is comfortable and likes them. she tolerates our being close to her doing our things as long as we respect she is distrustful of human beings. too late to change her into a human loving soul...i am happy enough that she appreciates not only the comfort and care we give her but also the respect that she can be who she is without us forcing our wants and needs on her. i was pretty happy today to see her co0mfortably napping on the couch!

yikes just heard from 2 of the dog is arriving tonight, another tomorrow morning...better put my happy dog hotel hat on and keep it there for the next few days. sometimes newbies take a bit convincing that yes, really and truly, everything will be ok.


yvette labatte

Thanks for the updates. These 3 will always have a special place in my heart.

Lynne arnason

They have come from a bad place to a good place they will settle they always do I've lucked out again with my new dog from Thailand she is sweet smart friendly hope this is not the calm before the storm Erin met her and I think really likes her she is not a saints dog but still a rescue