Rescue Journal

worry wrong

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2016

i worry about all kinds of shit. i toss rocks and then try to anticipate the exact ripples in the pond. my mind is spinning a thousand miles an hour, anticipating trouble and planning possible problem solutions.
i was worried about these two new guys coming in.
we take dogs sight unseen...never really sure what is coming til they actually get here.

keats i thought was a female collie cross and at the last minute i heard he was a male shep cross. i knew he was shy and had bad skin and was left to rot out in the back yard.
anyway..i was worried he would be an asshole which he most definately is not but i wasn't worried about getting him to come into the house nor his actual penchant for laying in corners on hard uncomfortable rocks. back yard dogs usually do crave comfort and human company. since he wouldn't come in i set up the porch with rubber matting and several really comfy beds. i have had a great deal of trouble keeping kassa, buddy, oreo and laddy off at least one of the beds for him...they LOVE that newly set up k9 cabanna! i finally made him come in to the porch where 2 of the nice beds are again available...(kassa has the third and is not giving it up!) he pushed the bed out of the way to lay on the plain rubber matt. grhhh..saints is about comfort and laying on rubber matts is not good enough, esp. not for new dogs! now i am worried he is not on a soft comfy bed and it is driving me freaking nutz!

and the other new old guy is a big (100 lb+) rotti/berner cross farm dog, whom we are now calling "harve" but his previous name was havoc..he came here on trazadone for severe shelter anxiety, plus someone named him havoc for a reason. so i was worried that he would be a pain in the ass, noisy and insist on the freedom of outside a typical pain in the ass and mule stubborn rotti dog.
harve is currently laying on the couch, learning to like caramel popcorn. the first few pieces he spit right out but with persistence he saddled his brave rotti pony, tried it, liked it and ate it all up. you can tell he is like me... a bit of a worry wart but caramel popcorn... does make things seem a bit better.

so the new dogs are here and i was obviously worrying about all the wrong things. now that they are here and in our care, all i need to worry about is ensuring they both find happy.

(and sleep on comfy beds!)


Karen Buder

You seem to be doing all the right things Carol! So happy that Keats and Harv found you - and finally the love and care that they deserve!

I'm glad we finally had the chance to visit SAINTS this past weekend - an indescribable, wonderful sanctuary filled with so many positive, happy beginnings and endings.

I get it about the beds and comfy places!!!! It would drive me nuts too!


shelagh f

both nice guys, Harv is a bit vocal for sure. Keats is just lovely,
he certainly didn't turn away the pats, and even did chase the soft
ball and brought it back once. he was nervous when i had the lawn
battery in my hand, and he actually went into the house. I am sure
once he decides he can let his guard down a bit he will be in the
house and underfoot with everyone else. Again, how could someone
be so neglectful of a lovely dog like him? At least it isn't cold out, so
if he decides he needs to spend a bit more time outside, he will
be ok, but will you?


Two beautiful old glad they're going to have everything they have deserved their whole life now....finally.....welcome sweethearts.


Both beautiful souls...and Keats made me feel sad. I just cant fathom leaving your dog out in your yard day after day...year after year. I cant wait to see him blossom.


Can't wait to meet them both - tell them the Tim Bits are coming....