Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 1, 2016

apparently i am not blogging as much as i could.
true enough..i am old and tired.
plus i one finger type so it is more work and takes me longer.



cheyenne is a big worry, she has had A LOT of blood in her urine for the past week. we did get her into the vets and she did have a bladder infection but the bleeding is not going away.
she went back in on friday and had a bladder xray which showed nothing at all so on tuesday she goes to Boundery Bay for an ultrasound.
laddy is getting thinner and weaker...still up for hungry man frozen dinners and geriatric romping around the pond but i think his time is quickly starting to run out.

there is a strongly bonded senior mother and daughter pair coming down from Inuvik (way up north!) from a local hoarding investigation. i know i said we were full but we have some outward bound heading for homes in the next week or so and then will have some room. they should be arriving in a couple of weeks and i think they both really need us plus it gives their outgoing shelter some room to bring in some more of their semi feral children. these two girls were bred over and over and over again...too freaking sad.

the little ancient bichon friese arrives early this week.

2 special needs, both sound palliative, guinea pigs coming in next week.

geezer has been going into the vets for the past couple of days for fluids..his kidneys are not great.

we made a euthanization appointment for nacho for thursday next week. but i am thinking he may not be ready even tho he has a mass growing in his mouth. every night for the past couple of nights, he has been under my feet, purring and happy, trying to break into my bathroom drawers. i have no idea why he likes pulling all that crap out of there but for some reason he does. anyway...we are watching him and will cancel if it is not yet his time.

looks like tink has a home once her spay and dental are complete.
looks like zen will soon be going home, this week is his turn to get his vetting.
harve has a great family coming to meet him on monday so we will see how that one goes.
oscar is finally getting his walks again, when he was sedated in the clinic we had his collar set up again so we can clip him to a leash without getting bit. all of us are very happy about this!
i think we might finally be making a small amount of headway into controlling edith's diabetes. we are not there yet but she is a little bit more active and she looks a tiny bit better. we just need to get her blood sugars down a bit more.

looks like everything worked out smoothly with daisy today. it sucks that we can't yet trust her but hope floats that one day we can.


Linda Ciccozzi

Edith is a little miracle .......such a sweetheart. Thanks Carol for helping tiny Edith survive. Yes, she has gained a small amt of weight.

Brigid Coult

I don't know how you find time to blog as much as you do, Carol - and I am always in awe of all that is going on at SAINTS when you do. I blog once a week for the Richmond Cat Sanctuary, and that's plenty for me, simply as a volunteer!
Bless you for all you do...


Such great news for Tink, Zen and Harve.......what breed are the bonded mum and daughter coming in? Hope you can find out what's going on with Cheyenne for sure...